Why Prayer Services Arenít More Entertaining

†† When a person graduates from high school he can go right to work and have instant income.The other choice is to attend college and develop his mind.The college student does not get any money at this point; in fact he has to pay money.


†† However, the average salary for a high school graduate is $40,000.The average salaries for college degrees are:

B.S.- $70,000

M.S.- $80,000

PhD - $93,000.

While it takes longer, the more you develop your mind the greater the payoff.


†† The vital force within the organs is the animal soul, which gives life to the body.In the Jew there is not just an animal soul but also a divine soul, a spark of G-d.


†† The divine soul resides in the brain and the right part of the heart.The right heart can be inflamed with a love of G-d through the mindís gaining wisdom, knowledge and understanding about G-d.This inflamed love in the right side of the heart leads one to desire to be close to G-d, to perform mitzvoth, pray and study1.


†† The animal soul resides in the left part of the heart.This can also be stimulated, but with worldly things (sex, wealth, certain music, etc)1.The right part of the heart can also be stimulated with things other than wisdom, knowledge and understanding, such as inspirational song, etc.However, this type of stimulation does not have the power and effect as the stimulation through the mind.


†† Orthodox worship services are not entertaining.The rabbi may give an energetic message but, most of the prayers are not entertaining.More liberal services try to be more entertaining and inspire in that way.


†† One Rosh Hashanah, the cantor sang a prayer using the tune of Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof.It was very moving.Speaking to him afterwards he explained that most prayers do not require specific tunes.He used that tune because most people found it inspiring.


†† One could have an entire Shabbat service done entirely with show tunes and modern tunes.People would be entertained, inspired and attendance would increase.But, no religious Shul does this.


†† To inspire through entertainment stimulates the heart, whether right or left side.People feel good.But this type of stimulation is short lived and does not lead to keeping more mitzvoth.When the source of stimulation ends, the feelings fade.


†† Religious Judaism seeks to build wisdom, knowledge and understanding through study.From that comes the inspiration for prayer and the desire to perform more mitzvoth. It takes longer, it takes more effort but, the pay off is greater.

1. Tanya, Likutei Amarim, Ch. 9





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