Time Spent

†† Back in the day of bench seats in cars, when husbands did all the driving, a man and his wife were riding in the car.As they rode along the wife was feeling separation from her husband.She complained that in earlier days they had sat next to each other in the car.Now, they were at opposite ends of the bench seat.From behind the wheel the husband pointed out, ďI havenít moved.ĒHe was in the same seat, the wife had moved over.There was no point in complaining.If she wanted to be closer, she had only to move next to him.


†† Sometimes people donít feel close to G-d or that they donít have a relationship with Him.Chances are they donít spend time with Him. He is not a primary part of their life but is more an afterthought.Imagine a relationship with a person that you never see, never talk to nor spend time with.There would be no closeness.G-d desires a relationship and He is the same and does not change.G-d has not moved.It is we who create the distance.


†† It is not from lack of love.The love is there.Every Jewish soul has inherited a love for G-d.1It needs only to be drawn out.The proper effort will ignite that love.


†† Investing oneself in someoneís life and doing things for them develops a love and bond without realizing it.It is a decision of the intellect, not an urge of the emotions.†† Seek time with G-d.That could be time for prayer, study or performing any mitzvoth.Along with the minutes spent is the focused decision that ďIím not just doing this activity, I am spending time with G-d.Ē


†† Time with G-d is not limited to written prayers and forms.Talk anytime.Speak to Him about worries, cares and concerns.Pour your heart out to Him.Ask Him for things.Thank Him for things.Thank Him for finding a quarter on the ground or for avoiding an accident when that car cut you off.He cares.


†† The more one seeks time with G-d, the more time spent talking, the more one does what He requests, the more one decides to try to please and serve Him the closer one can feel with Him.

1. Tanya, Likutei Amarim, Ch. 44






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