Slow and Steady Wins the Race

†† My father tells a story about my starting first grade.The first night I burst into tears.When asked why I wailed that we had not yet learned how to read.I had a great expectation that we would learn to read in first grade.Yet a whole day had gone by and we had learnedÖ nothing!Of course I did learn to read, it just did not happen on the first day.Learning to read took time, one letter at a time, building on what was previously learned.


†† The Baal Teshuvah may feel the pressure of wasted years.There may be an urgency to hurry, to catch up.That can be a good motivator toward more mitzvoth and more study.However, it is important to remember that it takes time.It may take growth in one area before moving onto the next.Very few people can leap from a low to a high level in a single bound.Everyone can go a step at a time, to their limit.


†† In math, one does not leap from learning to count straight to calculus.First numbers are learned, then addition, then subtraction, then multiplication, then division, then fractions, then decimal points, then algebra, then geometry, then trigonometry and finally calculus.It is a progression from one stage to the next.Each stage builds on the other.There is some difficulty at the beginning of each new level.After a time one can look back and see proficiency in what had previously been difficult.


†† A relationship with G-d is the same. Performing mitzvoth, studying, feeling the love and awe takes steps and stages.


†† A Russian proverb says, ďThe slower you go the further you get.ĒThere is danger in not building in steps and stages.The thrill of moving fast and furious can be motivating.However, once the thrill is gone motivation can lessen and there is less observance, not more.One needs to give oneself permission to learn a step at a time.


†† It is like spray paint.To look good, spray paint needs to be applied one layer at a time.The first layer does not look like much. As the subsequent layers build up, the object looks better and better.If one tries to rush and put on too much at once the paint runs and looks sloppy.


†† Everyone needs to go at their own pace, faster in some areas and slower in others.A good teacher wonít be critical for what one doesnít do, but will provide constant encouragement to do more.The hazard is using the idea of going at oneís own pace as an excuse to not move forward.


†† Take time to look back.Looking forward, one mostly sees all that still needs to be learned.Looking at the present one sees the current struggle.However, looking back one can gain motivation from seeing how far heís come from where he started.






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