Single Entity

   I know a man who had a very treatable form of cancer.  In various ways he denied there was a problem.  The cancer was not acknowledged as a potential killer and he refused proven methods of treatment.  He did not want to acknowledge that he was a cancer “victim.” As a result, instead a high probability of being cured he is now fighting for his life.


   He chose to isolate himself from family members that wanted to give love and support.  He created an environment where the cancer could not be fully acknowledged by those around him.  The cancer and its ramifications could not be openly discussed with him or others. It was an artificial environment that held everyone in the family emotionally hostage.


   “It’s my body and only I have a say,” was his position.  This was true in regards to treatment choices.  However, he failed to realize he did not have the right to control how the rest of the family dealt with the cancer.  The need to talk, to express fears, to admit an impending sense of loss was denied to his family.


   It was fear, expressed as anger that caused the need to control.  Fear of death, fear of appearing weak, fear that their body had betrayed them.  Fear of being pitied and shunned because they are “victims” of the cancer.


   As a result he shut himself off from the love and support others want to give.  He also shut off his family from giving and receiving love and support from each other.


   The man failed to realize that while the tumor was growing only in him, it was the whole family that was afflicted by the cancer.


   The souls of all Israel is one entity.  What each one does, how each one acts and reacts affects everyone.  This is true for the Baal Teshuvah whose new religion puts a strain on his family.  This is true for the shul member that causes dissension.  This is true for the shul leadership that won’t listen to those with concerns.


   The Jews are unique in that they are not independent beings.  Each Jew is a part of a whole and whatever one does, however another reacts, affects the whole.






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