Revealing the Concealed

†† How would you convince all your friends and relatives that lettuce has more water than apple juice?Itís a fact.Lettuce has 95% water while apple juice is only 88% water.However, the water in lettuce is hidden in the plant material.It goes against common sense.


†† You could tell them but, will they believe you?Few people will believe it just from your saying it is so.You could site information from books that show it is true.Unless they are convinced that those publications are legitimate few people will believe it.It does not conform to what their senses are telling them.You could introduce them to scientists and nutritionists who will testify that itís true.Unless they accept that these are experts they will still doubt that lettuce has more water than apple juice.


†† What if you decided to prove it?You would have to collect enough samples from across the country to show that your results statistically represent the norm.This could mean spending the money to travel across the country collecting 100 samples from different locations.Then you need to package them in airtight packaging to insure there is no moisture loss over time.The samples would be sent to several different analytical labs and analyzed for moisture content at great expense.Once you received the results you would have to pay a statistician consulting fees to analyze the data and issue a report.


†† When people saw the effort and money you were willing to expend, your efforts would lend credibility to your statements. Why else would you go to all that trouble and expense unless you knew something that they didnít know?It would compel people to accept the results that despite what their senses told them, lettuce has more water than apple juice.


†† One year at the high holidays a famous radio talk show host was talking on-air to his boyhood rabbi.He asked sarcastically, ďRabbi, do you really believe that your sins will be forgiven if you fast on Yom Kippur?ĒHe was left speechless by the rabbiís reply,ďDo you think we would fast if we didnít believe?Ē The Rabbiís conviction and actions proved to the host, on some level, that there is a G-d and he had no reply.


†† G-d is present in our surroundings just as much as He was present on Mt. Sinai.The only difference is that He is concealed while on Mt. Sinai He was revealed.When a person says there is a G-d, some people might believe him.When he shows them the teachings in the Bible then some more might believe.But when he goes to the trouble of praying and putting on tefillin, studying Torah, eating kosher, observing the holidays, etc. then he is proving there is a G-d.Why else would he go to all that trouble unless he knew something that they didnít know.


†† Every time we pray, keep kosher, etc. we are taking that which is concealed and making it revealed.






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