Purpose of Prayer

A boy was thrashing around in a lake, calling for help. A man heard him and pulled him out of the water. He asked, How did you come to fall in the lake? The boy answered, I didnt come to fall in the lake, I came to fish.


People come to Shul for many different reasons. Some to pray, some to socialize, some out of guilt, etc. We are not individuals but individual parts of a whole. We are not in this world alone and we are not here for ourselves. We are here for a greater purpose. We do not pray just to say prayers or to be obedient. It is because we are parts of a whole. The source of all souls is known as the Shechina. The Shechina is G-ds presence in this world.


This world was specifically created to appear as existing separate from G-d. The whole purpose of prayer, mitzvoth, and study is to unite our portion of this world with G-d. That means uniting our individual soul as well as uniting the source of souls.


Some prayer books have two sentences that express the entire reason for the prayer. One is the foundation of prayer and is the first sentence prayed. I hereby take it upon myself to love my fellow man. Unity with G-d cannot happen if there is disunity among the souls of Israel. By committing myself to loving (not hating) my fellow Jew I remove a barrier that would prevent unity with G-d.


The second builds on that foundation. Beginning the Verses of Praise, For the sake of the union of the Holy One, blessed by He, with His Shechinah, to unite the Name yud-kay with vav-kay in a perfect union in the name of all Israel. We pray to unite the Shechina with the greatness of G-d above. Not just uniting your own soul with G-d but the whole Shechinah.


When we pray, we should have this purpose in mind. Not for our good, not to please others, not to fit in but, to unite our soul with G-d. To unite the source of all souls with G-d.





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