Perfect Family

†† In 1919, when my grandfather was 13,a group of Russian soldiers came to the Jewish neighborhood ofOshmiany, Belarus.†† They were went door to door robbing what they could.When my great-grandmother resisted she was killed, as was her visiting daughter who came out to investigate the noise.

†† The soldiers then went into the house and threatened to shoot the rest of the family. After taking their money the soldiers left. Rushing outside with their father the 3 young surviving sons saw their mother and sister lying dead in front of the house.

†† With his wife and daughter murdered, their father decided it was time to leave Oshmiany.Loading all that he could into a small cart, the 4 survivors walked 40 miles to the family property in Vilnius. The family in Vilnius made room for them in a small storeroom until an apartment became available on the 2nd floor of a building they owned.


†† This tragedy is part of my grandfatherís history.It is part of my familyís history.It is part of my history.Although it happened many years before I was born, it helped shape who I am because my grandfather is part of this family and this family is a part of him.


†† Some families are supportive and some are not.Some encourage the Baal Teshuvah and others discourage.This is written for those who feel negative about their parents or families.


††† G-d does not randomly place souls here and there.Each soul was put in his family for a reason.†† Every soul has a mission to accomplish and is given the circumstances needed to achieve that purpose.Oneís family is part of those circumstances.For example, a soul that is given the task to choose to embrace mitzvoth may be born into a family that is anti-religious.By choosing religion, despite the pressure to the contrary, is a great achievement.


†† We canít know what our soulís purpose is.However, we can know that G-d is actively involved in every aspect of our lives even before we are born1.†† This includes which family we are put into. The behavior patterns, the emotional patterns, the ways of responding, all come from growing up in your family and all are part of what is needed to fulfill the purpose of your soul.


†† To say that you will have nothing to do with your family is to choose not to achieve part of G-dís goal for you on this earth.






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