Our Greatest Teacher

†† I took a graduate level course in cell biology.The professor told of a recent scientific breakthrough.The study was not going well because the research methods produced distracting artifacts.After many months of fruitless study, they decided to look at the annoying artifacts.It turned out they were not artifacts but actual parts of the cell.These annoying artifacts ended up being the key to the scientific discovery.


†† Everyone has someone who annoys him. The normal reaction is to want nothing to do with that person.However, this person is your greatest teacher.You should spend more time him rather than less.


The soul of every Jew has been here before and has returned to complete some unfinished business.The annoying people and obstacles encountered are provided by G-d to address this business. We are encouraged in Scripture that this is because He cares and wants us to grow.1, 2


†† The annoying person is touching a sore spot inside.What that button is may be unknown but it is being pushed.The button is an unresolved issue from the past.Without knowing it, this person recreates a situation that causes pain buried deep inside.


†† If you can discover why this person bothers you so much you have a chance to grow past it.One way to do this is to spend as much time with this person as possible.The more you are around them the more they will annoy you. The more annoyed you are the more this button will be pushed.The more it is stimulated the closer to the surface it will come.Once it comes to the surface you can recognize it, resolved it and let it go.Once you let it go, it will not bother you anymore.


†† If the unfinished business is not dealt with through this annoying person, G-d will bring it back around through another annoying person until it is addressed.

1. Proverbs 3:11-12

2. Job 5:17

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