Our Actions Change the World

†† There once was a family that lived at the edge of a salty desert.The salt in the sand prevented any plants from growing.One day they were surprised to see tomato plants growing in the sand.Everyday the mother would throw her dishwater out the back door.Over many months

the salt was washed out of the sand.One day some seeds were thrown out in the dishwater.Soon after that the plants began to grow.


†† Our actions make a difference.They do not affect G-d Himself but they do affect the extent of

G-dís activity in the world.As we act there is a corresponding reaction from G-d.As we do what pleases G-d, His creative energy flows into this world. When G-d affects the world, good things happen.


†† Hashem gave man dominion to rule in this world.ďThe heavens are the L-rdís heavens, but the earth He gave to the children of man1G-d ordered creation so that man must create room for Him to work in this world. A painter cannot enter a home and begin work until the owner hires him.


†† When we act out of obedience, we create a small area of influence for G-d to affect the world.As we are more obedient, G-d is able to affect more of the world.We may never fully understand how or where He is working but our actions do make a difference.

1. Ps 115:16





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