Judaism; A Religion of New Beginnings

†† Judaism is a religion of new beginnings.Judaism is a religion of hope.


†† In any generation there are only a handful of people that can keep the entire covenant.These few are Tzaddikim.For the rest of us the norm is less than 100% observance.

G-d knows how hard it is and knows that each person will fail.That is why He built into the covenant a multitude of opportunities to start over.The Jubilee year, the Shmita year, Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Chodesh, Shabbat, Modeh Ani, Shacharit, Minchah, Maariv.Every fifty years, every seven years, every year, every month, every week, every day, every few hours there are opportunities for individuals, families, communities and the nation to start again.


†† It is easy to become discouraged.Like a dieter that eats too much and gets discouraged from dieting.Donít get discouraged.That is the idea of new beginnings.Donít worry about failure.Just start again.


†† The Modeh Ani is recited each morning upon awakening.It thanks G-d for returning the soul to the body to try again.It is about today.The slate is clean and there is no mention of yesterday.It is not even about tomorrow.He only requires one to try again for today.Tomorrow He may or may not choose to give another day, and one can worry about it then.††


†† When putting on the Talis one resubmits himself to the Holy King and recognizes he is under the Kingship of Heaven. 1 With the Tefillin one rededicates his mind and intellect to serving G-d and His purposes. 1


†† Three times a day one has the opportunity to recite the Shema.A chance to rededicate oneís soul to G-d by acknowledging His oneness and accepting Him as Ruler and King.2Three times a day it is a chance to sincerely recommit to keeping the covenant.


†† The Ashrei, the Amidah, or even just a personal acknowledgement and prayer.These are just a few more examples of the many chances to start again.Chances to be dedicated to the whole covenant.Even if it lasts for only the few seconds it takes to make a sincere commitment.


†† If it was recited yesterday or earlier that day why is there a need to say it again?Because it is difficult to stay dedicated.G-dís covenant provides many chances for a new beginning.Forget the past of yesterday, or this morning, or five minutes ago.Try again, right now.


†† G-d is more interested in your successes of today than your failures of yesterday.

1. Tanya, Likutei Amarim, Ch. 41

2. Derech HaShem (The Way of G-d)






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