Most Effective Prayer Offered

†† A dentist wanted to open an office in our quiet neighborhood.Concerned about increased traffic, people protested at the zoning board meeting.There were impassioned pleas from dentist versus neighbors.


One man, trained as a lawyer, questioned the dentist, who was representing himself.The lawyer asked a simple question about use of the property.After the dentist answered he asked the same question again to clarify the answer.He then sat down.He did not try to refute any of the dentistís arguments.


As we waited for the zoning boardís decision, I asked the lawyer about his tactic.He explained that the community was governed by zoning laws.These laws define how land in the neighborhood may be used.The zoning boardís responsibility was to apply those laws.They didnít have the authority to change the law or make new laws.His simple question had pointed out that despite the passionate arguments by the dentist, his proposal violated the zoning law.The rest of the arguments by the neighbors were not necessary.The zoning board had no choice but to turn down his request.The dentistís request was not made in accordance with the law and he lost.


†† The Jewish people represent only 0.25% of the worldís population.Their contribution to the world is disproportionate with their numbers.In Nobel Prizes alone Jews have won 19% of the prizes in chemistry, 39% in economics, 13% in literature, 28% in physiology/medicine, 10% in peace, and 26% of the prizes in physics.


†† From 1886-2000 54% of the world chess champions were Jews.Of the 100 leading virtuoso performers, conductors and composers of the 20th century Jews comprise 66% of the violinists, 50% of the cellists, 40% of the pianists, 25% of the conductors and 10% of the composers.In addition there are untold stories of success in business, medicine, law, etc.


†† In addition, the Jews have survived as a people against overwhelming odds for thousands of years.Many enemies have tried to destroy them.The Egyptians (Passover), Babylonians (Purim), Assyrians (Chanukah), Romans, Spain, the Nazis, the Arabs, etc.Despite all the efforts against them, the Jews have not only survived but also prospered.


G-d created all things.He created both physical and spiritual entities.He created processes and circumstances.Everything He created was specifically made with the functions and limits as needed for the purpose of creation.1 Just as a town is governed by its zoning laws, all of creation is defined by laws and limits established by G-d.


†† The morning, afternoon and evening prayers (shacharis, minchah and maariv) are written in accordance with the laws and limits of creation. Every prayer, every paragraph, every sentence, every word and every letter was specifically written.Like the lawyer at the zoning board meeting, the Jewish sages had an understanding of the laws that govern creation.They formulated the prayer services to maximize G-dís response. From praising G-d to asking Him to watch over the Jewish people, the effectiveness of these prayers is clearly observed.


†† Traveling around the globe, from time zone to time zone, morning, afternoon and evening, an unbroken chorus of prayers are raised to heaven.For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, going back thousands of years, there is a constant prayer to watch over, bless and protect the Jewish people. The Jews have survived and prospered because G-d answers these prayers.


†† Their survival and success is not because the Jews are smarter or more talented.It is not because they are better fighters or harder workers.It is because they faithfully raise up prayers written in accordance to all that G-d has ordained. When a Jew prays he is not only following tradition but is also part of the most effective prayers ever offered.

1. Derech HaShem (The Way of G-d): 1:4:4, 4:4:1, 4:9:1.

2. Derech HaShem (The Way of G-d):4:6:1-17.






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