Mitzvah of Giving Up

   Women in Switzerland did not have the right to vote until 1971. In most countries women did not have a vote until the 1900’s, some as late as 1994!  It is hard to believe that such a thing was so prevalent and well accepted.


   Sometimes we need to be willing to challenge our attitudes. One such area can be the mechitza (physical separation between men and women in the traditional synagogue service).


   Attitudes about the mechitza can be dangerous for both men and women. For men the danger is to feel superior to the women.  For women the danger is resentment and feeling shut out.


   Women are spiritually superior to men as a rose is superior to a rock. The intensity of G-d’s creative light is less for a rock than a rose.  While a rock exists, a rose can grow and produced seeds.  It can “create” new cells and different kinds of cells (leaf, flower, seeds).  Women are able to create a new life within their womb.


   Men need a way to lift their souls upward toward the women’s’ spiritual level.  This is provided through the mitzvoth, like those found in the service.  Men NEED them, women would like them.


   Men find it too easy to rest and let someone else do the work.  If allowed, the men would sit in the back row talking, while the women performed the entire service.  Therefore, men are required to perform the service and women are not.  Not because women are less but because otherwise men won’t do what they NEED to do.


   Does it seem unfair?  Absolutely.  Why should women be “punished” because they are on a higher spiritual plane then men?


  A woman must ask herself if she is willing to give up service participation so that the men will have the opportunity to come up to her level.  If so then it is not punishment, it is Ahavat Yisrael (love for your fellow Jews).






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