Leaving A Mark on the World

†† When I was younger I saved my brotherís life.I got so angry at him I could kill him, but I didnít.

†† In every age there are heroes.There are also people whose achievements mold the world and leave it a different place.In even greater number are those who are not famous but have also had an impact on the world.


†† I know a synagogue that became quite successful in a short time.The Rabbi is personable and energetic.On the surface it appears that he is responsible for the Shulís success.On a deeper level the success is more due to something like a woman who lived in that town and faithfully lit Shabbat candles for 20 years.That is all she did, but she did it out of love and obedience to G-d.


†† Doing mitzvoth, studying and prayer is more than tradition or a requirement.Those efforts change the world. Our obedience is raised up to heaven and G-d responds and works in the world.It is only through manís acts of obedience that there is movement of G-dís influence and grace into this world.1


†† The obedience of the woman who faithfully lit candles invoked a response from G-d.He worked in the hearts of the people who now donate money and those who now attend the shul. He worked in the Rabbiís parents to raise him well.He worked in the heart of that young man to become a Rabbi.The groundwork being laid enabled this Rabbi to start a successful congregation that would bring people back to Judaism.All because of the obedience of this one woman to light candles.


You may never see the results of your obedience.You may never know where or how G-d worked but something has happened.Your efforts have left a mark on the world.

1. Igeret Hakodesh 4, p 405






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