Key to Success

†† In a common fairy tale theme the king promising his daughterís hand in marriage to anyone who can perform a series of tasks.There is a poor family with three brothers, the two oldest are smart and athletic while the youngest is simple.When the two older brother journey toward the palace each pauses for lunch in the woods and rebuffs astrange man who has asked for food.Each brother fails the kingís tasks. Finally, the simple brother journeys to the palace and on the way he generously shares his food with the strange man.He is rewarded with peculiar gifts that end up beingthe key to completing the kingís tasks.Because of the strange manís knowledge and gifts the simple son wins the hand of the princess in marriage.


†† Solomon said1: ďThere is nothing new under the sun.ĒTechnology changes, styles change but, there is really nothing new.Computers, faxes, cell phones, the Internet; these are just different communication technologies.People still communicate with each other just like they always have. It is just the means of communication that changed.


†† Too often we donít listen to those older than us.†† However, they have a perspective over a broad piece of history.And if nothing really changes then a perspective over 60 years is better than a perspective over 20 years.The 60 year old knows more pieces of the puzzle and the puzzle does not change, it is the same puzzle.


†† Someone with 20 pieces of the puzzle develops an idea of the picture.The person with 60 pieces of the puzzle has a more complete picture.So it is important to listen to those older and wiser.Pirket Avot2 says ďThe wise man does not speak before him who is greater than he in wisdom.Ē


†† Those who are older and wiser may not understand the particulars and the technology but they understand the principles.The principles stay the same.So, in whatever you do it is good to ask advice of those who have gone before you.


†† The key to success at any company is to learn its culture.Every company has a culture, established from the beginning, that reflects the ownerís wishes. The pattern of a company stays the same, even if itís owner passes on.

The world is continuously made by G-d and He sets the pattern. His pattern is that He never changes and the world does not change. Sixty pieces of the puzzle are better than 20 but, G-d has all the pieces of the puzzle. Ask G-d for guidance and help.Circumstances may seem bad,but He has all the pieces of the puzzle and is placing them down to make the right picture.

1. Koheles 1:9

2. Pirket Avot 5:10






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