Incomplete Offering

  One’s attitude toward others affects his closeness to G-d.


  Two Rabbis of different branches were the best of friends, although they often disagreed on religious questions.  One day they had been arguing a theological point., a little more heatedly than usual.  Finally, one of them said, “That’s all right.  We’ll just agree to disagree.  The thing that counts is that we’re both doing the work of HaShem, you in your way and I in His.”


  The purpose of Torah cannot to be achieved if there is disunity among the souls of Israel2.  That purpose is to unite G-d with the whole “community of Israel.” Yet, has there ever been a time when Jews did not fight?  Has there ever been a time when there was not disunity?  It seems guaranteed that the goal will never be achieved.


  The Jews are like brothers.  Brothers are always brothers no matter how little they get along.  In the same way all Jews are one people no matter how much they disagree.  Agreeing is not the issue.   Uniting oneself with Hashem can “be achieved only when the soul is complete and ‘healthy.’ Namely when it unites with all the souls..”3

  There are 360 billion Jewish souls4 and each soul is made up of parts of all the other souls.  Unity is not all 360 billion souls uniting like an army or a sports team. It is soul itself being united.   If a soul is made of 360 billion parts and a person hates another Jew he is now only 359,999,999,999 parts.  He is no longer whole or united.  Offering an incomplete soul to G-d is an imperfect offering. G-d cannot unite with an imperfect offering2.


  “Disunity among the souls” does not refer to G-d uniting with the whole nation of Israel.  It refers to each person’s relationship with Hashem. I am the “community of Israel.” You are the “community of Israel.” Every individual Jew is the “community of Israel.”

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