G-dís Hidden Presence

†† Fill a small bowl with fruit juice.Then fill another bowl with an equal weight of any variety of lettuces.Ask someone to pick out which bowl contains more water.He will choose the bowl of juice.However, he will be wrong.Juice contains around 88% water while lettuce contains closer to 95% water.The water in the juice is obvious while the water in the lettuce is concealed within the plant tissue of the lettuce.


†† Consider several instances from the Torah.G-dís overwhelming presence when the ten commandments were given at Mt Sinai, the burning bush, and the cloud that hung over the alter.In each of these G-dís presence is obvious, like the water in the juice.††


†† Now consider several instances from everyday life.Waiting in the car for the light to turn green, vacuuming the rug, walking down the street.†† G-dís presence is no less present in these situations as the ones above.The difference is that His presence is hidden, like the water in the lettuce. 1


†† His presence is hidden for a reason.Imagine what it was like at Mt Sinai when ďthe appearance of the glory of HaShem was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel2†† Not a single person doubted the existence of G-d at that moment.


†† G-d desires that people have a free choice to believe or not believe.If it is as obvious as Mt Sinaithan who would not choose to believe.He must stay hidden so when a person does believe, it is a marvelous thing.

1. Tanya Likutei Amarim, Ch. 51

2. Exodus 24:17







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