G-d Will Answer Your Prayers

†† In a true story,a torah scholar in Montreal went out with a group of students to see the new moon and pray at Rosh Chodesh.However, it was a cloudy night and the moon could not be seen.After sending everyone inside he remained and prayed for the moon to appear.At that moment the clouds parted and the moon became visible.


†† Most people are aware of the three prayer services; morning, mid-day and evening.These prayers were written by the prophets and sages many years ago.To some the written prayers can be restrictive, giving little opportunity to express oneís own concerns and feelings.


†† Unfortunately, to many Jews the three prayer services is all there is to prayer.The concept of personal prayer to G-d is a foreign idea.To pray about a need and expect an answer is not something normally taught.


†† Judaism has a term; Hisbadedut.Hisbadedut means to pray to Hashem from your heart, in your own language, expressing the concerns of your heart.It means personal and powerful prayer, for everyone, not just Rabbis and scholars.††† G-d answers these prayers.


†† When I first heard the story of the scholar in Montreal I thought that if a Torah scholar could do this than a simpleton could also have his prayers answered.The scholar did not have answers to prayer because he earned credits from Hashem by his Torah study.A thousand hours of study does not equal one answer to prayer.Because he studied he knew and understood that G-d would and could answer that prayer.


†† A simpleton could also have his prayer answered.Not because he knew that G-d would answer, as the scholar knows.He would receive an answer because he did not know that G-d would not answer.


†† If the two extremes can receive answers to prayer than anyone in between should also have their prayers answered.All it takes is trust that G-d wants to answer our prayer.


†† The prophet Achiah of Shilo used to visit young Israel ben Eliezer -- later known as the Baal Shem Tov, "Master of the Good Name" -- to teach him the secrets of Torah. One time Israel used the kabalistic knowledge he had learned to cross the river Dniester: he threw his gartel (belt) on the water, uttered a secret Name, and crossed dry and safe. But all his life he repented for having used the holy Name of G-d for his own convenience. After years, the Master of the Name stood in front of a river again. But this time Jew-haters were at his heels, ready to maim and kill him. Again he threw his belt on the water and he crossed safe and dry. But he didn't use a Name, just his absolute trust in G-d.And that was enough.





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