Find A Good Teacher

†† A psychologist performed an informal experiment in Israel.He found that people were reluctant to use the phrase ďI donít know.ĒSo, he stopped people on the sidewalk in Tel Aviv and asked directions to a certain street.The street was not in Tel Aviv but was actually in Jerusalem. Dozens of people confidently gave him directions to the street that did not exist in Tel Aviv.He stopped when one man finally remarked that the street was in Jerusalem.


†† Pirket Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) tells us to find a teacher1.A teacher provides an example to grow toward.It is a person that can be trusted to give good answers and advice.A person one can respect and look up to.Teachers are needed if there is to be growth.It is very hard to do it on your own.


†† There is no end of people willing to tell otherís what they are doing wrong or should be doing different.It is also easy for the Baal Teshuvah to compare himself to others and feel that he is not doing as much.Both of these can lead to feelings of guilt and discouragement.


†† It is good to have a teacher guiding his growth, giving answers to questions and encouragement.It is possible to try to grow too much too fast.A person can grow fast and be weak.A good teacher will help the Baal Teshuvah grow slower and strong.


†† Qualities to look for in a teacher include:

  1. The ability to say, ďI donít knowĒ if they donít know the answer.
  2. Your teacher should be someone who is knowledgeable and who continues to study.
  3. He should be able to understand where you are coming from.Can he put himself in your shoes?Someone who can apply his knowledge to your situation.†† You teacher should not just try to make you be just like him.
  4. A good teacher is not too controlling.It is your growth, not his.You have to be able to grow at your pace.
  5. The teacher could be a rabbi, a shul member or even another Baal Teshuvah.It is a person who is growing and who inspires you.


†† Donít assume that an observant person is a good teacher for you.Someone raised frum from birth may not understand what a Baal Teshuvah goes through.


†† It is possible to have more than one teacher; one for law, one to inspire growth.However, donít let the teacher lead you, you have to lead yourself.Your teacherís job is to help you stay on the right road but it is your job to keep moving forward.

1. Perket Avot 1:16





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