The three Jews were in serious trouble.The king considered himself a deity and expected everyone to worship him.††† They were from a people who believed in only one supreme G-d.When they refused the king became enraged.An ultimatum was given, either they worship the king or they would be thrown into a great furnace.Their response was a definition of faith.ďWe believe our G-d will save us and even if He does not save us, we will still believe.1ĒTheir beliefs were based on what they knew with their minds to be true.It was not based on what their senses told them.


†† Faith is belief in things that canít be proven, the unknown.A relationship with G-d is not based proofs.G-dís existence cannot be proven through physical nor logical evidence. In the end a relationship with G-d comes from choosing, with the mind, to believe.One who does not believe cannot be convinced from any evidence.One who already believes does not require evidence and is not deterred by lack of evidence.


†† I know a woman who was always looking for stories of G-d doing miraculous things in peopleís lives. She needed this evidence so that she could believe that G-d would also do something for her.She continues to struggle with a trust in G-d.Faith based on what happened to someone yesterday does not insure trust that something will happen today. Trust does not come from seeing but from believing no matter what one sees.


†† Faith is like a fire and miraculous stories are like air blown on the fire to make it burn hotter.If there is no fire no amount of air will make it hotter.On the other hand if the fire is burning strongly it will draw air to it.


†† The fuel of the fire is knowledge of G-d.†† Pine is a wood that burns easy and fast.Oak does not catch fire as easily but once alight it burns hotter and longer than pine.Both woods are useful for building a fire.


†† In the same way faith is characterized by its source of inspiration.Some things inspire easily such as inspirational prayer melodies, community activities and tradition.†† They inspire quickly and easily but by themselves produce a faith that does not last.Torah study requires more work but the faith that knowledge of G-d inspires burns hotter and longer.


†† It starts with a decision to believe.It is inspired by and also inspires mitzvoth and prayer.It is greatly fueled by Torah study.The hotter it burns the more light it creates which illuminates the concealed presence of G-d.

1. Daniel 3: 1-33






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