Eternal Life

†† This is for those involved in or who have a Jewish friend or relative involved in Messianic Judaism or Jewish Christianity.


†† The great conductor of the universe is giving a concert.Everyone is offered a free pass to go backstage when the concert is ended and reside with him.It is free.Nothing can be done to earn it.All one has to do is accept it.Just sit in the audience, enjoy the music and wait for the concert to end.It sounds wonderful.Everyone would want to take advantage of such a gift.


†† Everyone except the musicians.Their role is to be on stage making music.They donít need a backstage pass.They get to go backstage anyway.They are part of the orchestra.


†† The High Holy Days illustrate the fundamental difference between Judaism and Messianic Judaism/Jewish Christianity.During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur each seeks forgiveness for sins.In Judaism, forgiveness leads to being written in the Book of Life.The Book of Life specifies who will prosper and who will fail, who will die and who will live, etc.It specifies what will happen in the coming year. It is not about eternal life or heaven.It deals with life on this earth.


†† In contrast, in Messianic Judaism/Jewish Christianity the goal of forgiveness of sin is gaining a relationship with G-d.


†† Every Jew has a relationship with G-d. Like an undiscovered inheritance, a person may not realize they already have that relationship.This inheritance was given to the Jewish people from G-d and is not based on an individualís actions. Through the suffering in Egypt, the Jewish people were permanently redeemed from the evil that Adamís sin introduced into the world.Having been elevated to a pure state the Jews were offered a role in the great concert called creation.1This role is detailed in the covenant given and accepted at Mt. Sinai.The performance of Mitzvoth is an expression of the relationship already in place.


Unless he is one of a minority of totally evil people, a Jew has a place in the World to Come (heaven). Eternal life is already given as an inheritance; it is not earned or lost by actions of the individual.The rank in heaven will depend on actions on earth but the entrance is already granted.


Jews have a specific role in the great concert called creation.Christians would better serve G-d if they encouraged the Jews to be musicians.Instead of trying to convince Jews to believe in Jesus they should be convincing them to keep kosher.

1. Derech HaShem (The Way of G-d) 4:4:9






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