Donít Put G-d in a Box

†† The floodwaters were rising when the first rescue boat came.Refusing rescue the homeowner said, "The Lord will save me." A second boat came as the water started lapping against the eaves.Sitting on his roof the homeowner again refused rescue, "The Lord will save me," As the water reached his chest a helicopter flew overhead dangling a rope.Refusing help he shouted to the pilot, "The Lord will save me." After drowning he arrived in Heaven and asked G-d, ďWhy didnít you save me?Ē "Well" sighed the Lord God Almighty. "I did send two boats and a helicopter!"


†† People often decide which ways G-d can and cannot work.They put G-d in a box that limits their definition of what He does. To them, rigid boundaries define how G-d works, what He achieves and through whom He achieves it.


†† Consider a person who loses a job with a certain level of responsibility and salary. Sometimes there is an attitude that only job offers with the same or higher responsibility and salary will be considered.All other offers are refused.Often that person goes a long time without a job, until he is willing to change.Sometimes one has to be open that G-d may lead in another direction, that things wonít be the same.


†† I know someone laid off from a job with a good salary.After several months she had an offer in her field.It was a lower salary with a smaller company.She could have rejected the offer as a step down from her previous position.Instead she took it as a gift from G-d.She thought that something better would come along but in the meantime this was what

G-d was providing.


†† Over time she found that it was a great job.It was much more rewarding than any job she had before.She looked forward to going to work each day.In a couple years her earnings were back to the level she had before.Being laid off was the best thing that ever happened to her.It opened her mind to how G-d may work a different way. ďHe raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy out of the dunghill.Ē1


†† One never knows where and how G-d is going to work. G-d is in control of all things except free choice. G-d will do what G-d will do. ďWhatever He desires, He does.Ē2

1. Psalm 113:7 †††††††

2. Psalm 115:111






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