Dishonoring Torah

†† It is written,ďIf you honor Torah than you will be honored by men.If you dishonor Torah than you will be dishonored by men.1ĒHow does one dishonor Torah?Torah is dishonored when a person sets himself up as equal to or greater than G-d.


†† Some would say that you dishonor by not studying Torah?It is true that not studying can be evidence of dishonor.However what about the person who does not know he should study or even what to study?He is not dishonoring Torah.Neither is he honoring Torah.Rather he is just neutral out of ignorance.


†† Is Torah dishonored by not praying?Lack of prayer may be the result of dishonoring Torah.On the other hand what of the person who does not know that he should pray or does not know how to pray.That person is neither honoring nor dishonoring Torah.Rather he is neutral out of ignorance.


†† Doing prohibited acts (negative mitzvoth) and not doing positive mitzvoth may seem like dishonoring Torah.There are people who do not know what is prohibited or required by Torah.There are also those who only do a few mitzvoth but do them out of a great love of G-d.Then there are people who may do many mitzvoth but have no belief in G-d.†† How many are really dishonoring Torah and how many being neutral out of ignorance or weakness?


†† The Torah is the Will and Wisdom of G-d2.It explains what the Creator of all things wants His people to know and to do.His Will is divided into actions to perform†† (positive mitzvoth) and actions to avoid (negative mitzvoth).The explanation is not always understood.Even when there are known explanations for a particular mitzvah they are only understood at a certain level.G-dís Wisdom is infinitely greater than manís wisdom2.All the mitzvoth that He requires have good reason, whether man understands or not.


†† G-d gave the Torah for all times past, present and future.It is necessary to know that G-d is one with His Will and His Wisdom.G-d does not change.He is the same before creation, after creation and He is the same today.Since He is one with His Will and Wisdom and He has not changed then His Will has not changed and His Wisdom has not changed.†††


†† Too often a person decides that a part of Torah is not relevant for today.Cultures have changed and it is reasoned that what seemed right 4000 years ago does not apply to modern culture.Parts of Halacha are discarded as no longer necessary.


†† The root of discarding even the smallest part of Torah is the belief that the Wisdom of G-d is not so wise.That what He said is wrong for todayís culture and that modern man knows better.That manís wisdom of what is necessary is as good or better than G-dís wisdom.Because G-d is one with His Wisdom, than man sets himself up as being equal to or better than G-d.

1. Pirket Avot

2. Tanya, Likutei Amarim, Ch. 4






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