Choosing for a Purpose

†† When General Ulysses S. Grant was visiting Scotland, his host gave him a demonstration of a game, new to Grant, called golf.Carefully, the host placed the ball on the tee and took a mighty swing, sending chunks of turf flying but not touching the ball.Grant watched the exhibition quietly, but after the sixth unsuccessful attempt to hit the ball, he turned to his perspiring, embarrassed host and commented: ďThere seems to be a fair amount of exercise in the game, but I fail to see the purpose of the ball.Ē††


†† The purpose of creation is to unite the concealed with the revealed.Would there be a people who would choose of their own free will to unite a world, which outwardly appears separate from G-d, back with itís Creator?


†† That people is the Jews.A Haftorah reading says, ďI fashioned the people for Myself that it might declare My praise.1Ē.G-d set the Jews apart as a people and gave them the Torah.The Torah shows how to reunite the world with G-d.


†† Free will requires that there be two equal choices.The animal soul was given to man convince him that he is independent of G-d.The divine soul is given to man to motivate him to believe in G-d and keep His covenant.Two opposite forces working within every Jew provide the opportunity for free choice to stay separate from or reunite with G-d.


†† If a man stood next to an exploding hydrogen bomb he would be instantly vaporized by its power.Yet compared to G-d, an exploding hydrogen bomb has no power.How can man relate to G-d without being instantly vaporized?G-d has condensed and concealed Himself to such a point that man can interact with Him.The Torah is G-d condensed and concealed down to that point. The Torah is G-dís means of telling the Jewish people what they need to do to reunite the world with Him.


†† The divine soul is a part of G-d and seeks to be reunited with Him.It is always prodding and pushing one toward G-d.It is an actual spark of G-dís light that is trapped in the body/animal soul.It strives to break free and be reunited with G-d.The way to reunite with G-d is given in the Torah.Studying and following the mitzvoth in the Torah reunites the divine soul and parts of this world with G-d.2


†† The divine soul motivates one to observe mitzvoth but it cannot directly make the body perform the physical action involved in the mitzvah.It can only accomplish this through the animal soul.The person, who is the animal soul, chooses to listen or not listen to the divine soul.


†† The task is choosing to believe in and follow G-d no matter how well He is concealed.

1. Isaiah 43:21

2. Derech Hashem 2:4






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