One evening, when Thomas A. Edison returned home from work his wife said, “You’ve worked to long without a rest.  You must take a vacation.”  Inquiring where he should go she said, “Decide where you’d rather be than anywhere else and go there.”  He answered, “Very well, I will go tomorrow.”  The next morning he returned to his laboratory.


   Life is a series of choices. Many choices in life center on choosing to do wrong or follow G-d.  Temptation to do wrong is part of creation and will never cease for most people. The goal is to make right choices.


   G-d brought all things into being and He continuously maintains the existence of all things.   While G-d’s existence is hidden, without His continued efforts, nothing would exist.  Nothing exists apart or separate from G-d.  Using dreams as an analogy, everything in a dream exists because the dreamer creates them.  It is all in the dreamer’s head and is part of the dreamer.  The people in the dream are not aware of this.  The existence of the dreamer is hidden from them. They continue to exist only as long as the dreamer continues to create them. Once the dreamer awakes the “creative process” stops and everything and everyone in the dream ceases to exist.

   This world would not exist without G-d continuously sustaining it.  It does not exist separate from G-d.  However, the appearance of this world is that it exists separate from G-d.  The definition of evil is the belief that there is existence apart from G-d. In truth, all things are part of G-d and G-d is everywhere.  There is nothing separate from Him.  Temptation to sin is really temptation to believe in an existence separate from G-d and letting that belief guide one’s actions and choices.


   A Jew has two souls. One is a divine soul, which is a spark of G-d Himself.  The other is the animal soul. The animal soul gives life to the body and it is the person.  The animal soul is part of this world and sees all things as existing independent from G-d.  To the animal soul what is important are the matters of this world.  The animal soul leads one to be concerned with and attracted to the things of this world.  Since it sees itself as separate and not needing G-d for existence, it does not put much effort toward Him.  It tempts and calls us to focus on what it perceives as important; the matters of this world.


   The task is choosing to believe in and follow G-d no matter how well He is concealed.






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